My 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

This past week I caught myself saying I’m not into New Year’s resolutions and then continued to list four or five resolutions. The truth is, I do like New Year’s resolutions — Not because #NewYearNewMe, but because I want to grow and better myself. Isn’t that what I teach at Equipoise Pilates anyway? That by making small changes you will drastically enrich your life? Absolutely! However, I’m guilty of needing to practice what I preach. I need your accountability to help me reach my goals as I help you reach yours. In this blog, I will share two New Year’s resolutions that I hope inspire you to make resolutions of your own.

Resolution #1: 

My first resolution is out of my comfort zone, and doesn’t come naturally to me — That’s why it’s my favorite goal for 2024. I can talk about Pilates, dance, and anything movement-related all day every day. I know a lot about little things and little about many things. Therefore, my New Year’s Resolution for 2024 is to learn more about finances. Yes, I understand the basics, but I want to be in a conversation about finances without my eyes glazing over. 

Resolution #2:

On a different note than finances, I want to gain more muscle weight this year. After graduating college two and half years ago, I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle mass. At Indiana University, I was a dance major who spent several hours dancing each day. Since that’s not my life anymore, I want to make more of an effort to eat more whole foods that will support healthy weight gain and muscle development. 

Comment on my recent post on Instagram about your New Year’s resolutions and how you will challenge yourself next year!

See you in the New Year!!!

Your Pilates instructor & friends,