Custom Approach to Body Conditioning

At Equipoise Pilates, I provide an experience customized to align with the wants and needs of each client. Custom practice for custom bodies: that’s my motto and the goal for each session.  My clients enjoy a salon-like experience while working out.  My focus in each session is completely devoted to your form, breathwork, and muscle engagement.  Through private sessions, I’m able to give you the individualized attention and expertise that you need and deserve to grow your practice and meet your goals.  Everyone that walks through my studio door has different goals.  Some clients need help with recovery from surgery, others want a snatched waistline and a lifted booty, some are training athletes needing a supplemental form of exercise, while others are mothers who want to prioritize their physical fitness again. Whatever your case is, I specialize in private Pilates and tailor each session to meet your needs and goals. Expect to be challenged yet successful. Let Pilates transform your body and enhance your quality of life

Consulting with Clients

Equipoise Pilates consults with private clientele to discover the needs of each person and sets goals related to their lifestyle.

Tailoring Sessions

After the first session, Equipoise Pilates will develop and tailor sessions specific to clients’ needs.

Tracking Progress and Achieving Goals

Equipoise Pilates tracks the progress of clients’ range of motion and strength development and will continually challenge them as they meet goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. Yes, because both practices value utilizing breath to initiate the flow of movements while developing strength and flexibility. No, because Pilates gives access to postures through equipment that could not be otherwise done on the mat.

Equipoise Pilates prices its sessions to be competitive with other studios while offering reasonable package rates. Prices fall between the single-session rate of $65 and the 10-session package rate of $450. For first-time clients, I recommend the Introductory Package of 3 sessions for $100 to first familiarize yourself with the movement and the equipment.

Anyone looking to commit and develop strength and flexibility through low-impact body conditioning. These private sessions are recommended for those looking for personal, one-on-one training. Equipoise Pilates provides a custom experience to work within clients’ abilities and limitations.

Duo sessions are taken upon request. You must first complete the introductory package. This will guide your decision to either continue private sessions for a more personal and custom experience or allow you to do sessions with a friend and accountability partner.


Throughout the day I would find little forgotten about muscles that were sore. My inner thighs, oh boy!! Thanks so much for introducing me to reformer Pilates, I can tell I’m going to be hooked!

Emily Bradican