What’s Your Why?: Find Your Reason, Stay Consistent & Motivated & Have A Whole New Body

When a new client comes to the studio, I have them sign the usual paperwork — liability waiver, cancelation policy, and wellness form. The wellness form includes a series of questions asking about their injuries, hobbies, work, and goals. These questions help me identify the needs of my new client. Plus, it helps me get to know you. I like to know your “why”. Why are you here and why are you doing Pilates? You have a reason and any reason is good enough for me. Maybe you want a defined waistline or a lifted bum or maybe you have an injury and want to start working out again. Whatever your reason, it’s essential that you, and I, know your “why”. In this blog, I will share my why you should have a why and how consistency will help you meet your goals. 

How Pilates With Me Works

First off, let me give you a rundown of what our practice together looks like:

  1. I consult with clients — As I mentioned above, you fill out a wellness form that helps you create a “why” and helps me understand it. 
  2. Tailoring sessions — Pilates is a full-body practice, but within it, we can focus on your goals and customize your sessions accordingly.
  3. Tracking progress and achieving goals — Throughout your sessions, I will continuously add to your exercises and make them more challenging as your progress. 
  4. Making new goals — Pilates is like golf. It’s a lifelong sport. Together you and I will build upon your practice and expand upon your “why”. It’s okay if your “why” changes, as long as you have one. 

Staying Consistent

Not mentioned above in the rundown of our practice is what I need from you — consistency. You expect me to always be prepared and keep our sessions fresh. I can hold my end of the deal as long as you stay consistent. However, I understand life happens. Injury happens, vacations, kids’ activities, and so on and so on. Fortunately for you, I book by appointment only. Create a routine that fits into your schedule and stick with it. If you have a free hour every 9 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, book me and show up every week. If something changes, THAT’S OKAY! One day won’t make a difference, but inconsistent practice will delay your goals, keep you from the body of your dreams, and ultimately hinder the quality of your life. (WOW, I got deep.) With all that being said, do Pilates as much or as little as you like. All I ask is that you stay consistent and show up every week — not for my benefit, but for yours.

Create Your Why

Take a moment and ask yourself about your “why”. Why are thinking of starting Pilates or why are you doing Pilates? Creating your “why” will ultimately keep you motivated. It gives you a reason to show up for yourself daily. You are doing this for you. If you lose track of your “why” — rediscover it, reinvent it, and get back on the wagon (Can you tell I’m feeling like a motivational speaker today? LOL). When you have your “why”, you will stick to Pilates, inevitably meet your goals, and make new ones. I hope that through Pilates, I will be a small part of helping you become the best version of yourself.

Your Practice Continues Outside of the Studio

A benefit to becoming a Pilates girly (or gentleman) is increased body awareness. Through Pilates, you will be more aware of your posture, your diet, and your energy levels. You’ll find that the philosophies of Pilates are meant to be taken into your life. That’s my goal for you — that you continue your practice outside of the studio and enjoy life. Find your reason, stay consistent & motivated, and experience the changes Pilates will have on your body and in your life. 

By: Annie Maxwell